Quality Assurance And Quality Control

Quality Assurance for Administrative Procedures.
The key element for project quality assurance is the onsite project staff led by the Project manager. Attainment of project administrative quality requirements however is accomplished by end is the responsibility of all project personnel throughout the life of the project.

  • Review and approval of project purchase orders.
  • Assignment of key project personnel.
  • Review and approval of all correspondences
  • Control of the site receiving and accounting processes
  • Control all project payroll processes
  • Control project records and files
  • Adherence of fieldwork to the contractual specification, drawings, procedures and restrictions
  • Coordination with contractor field operations
  • Control technical requirements, bill of quantities and requisitions
  • Establishment of requirements for supplier sources

  • Control of design and design change for all quantity related items
  • Control, review and distribution of contract drawings, specifications and other documents
  • Establishment of a project reference, library of applicable codes and standards for use by project personnel
  • Review of non-conformances and resolutions of nonconformances activities including corrective action measures
  • Review the performances
  • Comprehensive and timely reporting to Management and the Owner on the status of work, rate of progress and any potential impediments to completing the job as planned.
  • Control of necessary orientations, trainings, qualifications, and performance of field personnel.


Capacity & Warranty

Our workforce consists of Project Managers, Project Engineers, General Foremen, skilled Journeymen and field personnel. This will allow us to meet and exceed your construction schedule no matter what it is.In Addition, we are constantly increasing our work force in every department with well experienced personnel, trained to follow Baumeister philosophy.


A sample copy of the joint warranty from suppliers as well as Baumeister will be submitted upon request.However, terms and conditions of each guarantee for each category of work can be customized in order to meet your requirements once approved by the manufacturer.