Environmental Safety And Healthy

This commitment will be reinforced through the implementation of the following objectives:

Compliance with all applicable ES & H laws, regulations, ordinances, statues, rules and codes of practice and all relevant permit and consent conditions.

Implementation of an effective ES & H management system to achieve continual improvement and set targets to monitor the achievements of the defined ES & H objectives within this policy:

Seek to reduce the adverse effects and promote the positive effects of ES & H risks from our operation by:

  • The promotion of the "Zero Accidents" philosophy throughout the project
  • The prevention of pollution and damage to the environment
  • Implementation of effective natural resources management

Provide the necessary resources, education, skills and motivation so that this policy isconsistently implementing throughout the project, by:

  • Conduct weekly safety inspections.
  • Assist and monitor weekly tool talk along with safety meetings with all field personnel.
  • Coordinate the emergency care, warning, and evacuation system.
  • Maintain the accident record system.
  • Assist in monthly supervisory safety meetings.

ES & H Plan

The object is to maintain with the effective channels of communication with all ES & H regulators and stakeholders on the project, by:

Enhance employee's awareness and involvement in our and the environmental, safety and health program implementation.

Increase employee's consistent utilization to safe practice in their daily work activities.

Strive to eliminate all injuries and illness.

Promote environment, safety and health objectives as a constant value in designing, planning, training, and executing work.

Spread ownership to environmental, safety and health program effectiveness throughout the organization.

Conduct a tool talk section and safety evaluation classes periodically

Optimize the use of continuous improvement practices as the basic for; "Zero Accidents performance in which Baumeister has achieved".


Capacity & Warranty

Our workforce consists of Project Managers, Project Engineers, General Foremen, skilled Journeymen and field personnel. This will allow us to meet and exceed your construction schedule no matter what it is.In Addition, we are constantly increasing our work force in every department with well experienced personnel, trained to follow Baumeister philosophy.

"Standard of Excellence in Performance and in Safety"


A sample copy of the joint warranty from suppliers as well as Baumeister will be submitted upon request.However, terms and conditions of each guarantee for each category of work can be customized in order to meet your requirements once approved by the manufacturer.